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Who We Are

Get to know the driving force behind our company. We are a team of two brothers fulfilling the idea of our beloved grandfather. He had a chronic lung disease and was tied to his mobility scooter on his last days. He wanted to spend more time in nature but was not able to access the places he wanted to go with his regular scooter.

We established Nosira in 2022 with the main goal of bringing a vehicle to market that can make nature accessible to anyone. By combining our expertise in mechanical engineering, prototyping, and design we strive to bring an all-terrain mobility scooter to life. With a shared passion for creation and a drive to continuously improve, we are dedicated to make our grandfathers dream come true.

RX-01 AWD product

A sustainable future for everyone


At Nosira, we are committed to being a sustainable organization. We strive to be environmentally responsible and play our part in addressing the global environmental challenges we face today. We recognize that global trade in products and materials has increased 8 times since 1980, leading to substantial pollution worldwide. As a result, we believe in making conscious choices to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

One of our key principles is to minimize the ecological footprint associated with manufacturing. We understand that chasing transient labour advantages by moving wasteful and environmentally destructive container ships around the world is NOT a sustainable practice. Therefore, we are developing AND producing our products close to our customers. As a result, our products are only for sale in Europe.

Workforce improvement is another core aspect of our commitment to sustainability. We believe in developing and training a skilled workforce, which not only benefits our organization but also fosters employee commitment and stability. Our manufacturing processes incorporate LEAN business practices and utilize cutting-edge technologies to gain productivity.

In conclusion, at Nosira we are dedicated to embracing sustainability, adopting Industry 4.0 practices, and promoting continuous improvement culture. We believe that these principles will not only benefit our business but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly and economically prosperous future for all.

The Team

Meet Our Team

Get to know the passionate individuals behind our success!

The Engineer

Rasmus G. Kajbæk

CTO & Co-Founder


E-mail: rasmus@nosira.com

The Businessman

Simon G. Kajbæk

CEO & Co-Founder


E-mail: simon@nosira.com

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